(By Spilios Giannoulis)


  Mobile phones have become an essential part of our day today life. Teenagers are the majority of mobile phone users in the world.

Mobile phones offer an array of facilities and services. No doubt mobile phone is a need of the day, but teenagers have get into various evils and difficulties at a very early age. The facilities offered by mobile phones like SMS, MMS, video films, chatting and other application are used to a great extent could cause them addiction.

The addiction of teenagers to mobile phones and computers is affecting their education   adversely. The students in schools and colleges are using mobile phones all the time. They pay more attention to the facilities offered by these media and concentrate less in classes.

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of life today. They lead to higher standards of living. But if misused, it can bring our standard down.

Finally, the concern of parents to keep in touch with their children and their security in society are behind their decision to get them a cell phone irrespective of their advantages and disadvantages. For all this reasons teenagers should use the mobile phone with limits.