(By Georgina Emmanouil, B class)

To begin with, scouts are an organization in all over the world where people from the very young age can take part. Scouts were made in 1912 from Baden Powder an American citizen. Scouts are supposed to teach people how to help other people in hard situations such as a fire etc

It is true that in our society word such as “help” are missing! Our children are growing up in a world where the most important thing is having money and a good job, so most children are living under the pressure of studying to succeed. As a scout, I’m inclined to believe that there are several reasons why someone has to join the scout club from a young age!

First and foremost, every child need to go somewhere during the summer to relax after the school exams! Scouts are the best solution! Every summer they visit for 10 days many places and they live in tents or in schools in every city or island they go! They own and excellent programme which not only include relaxing and swimming in the beach but visiting in many museums and learning about the traditions of each place! Moreover, taking part in a scout camping is very economical which means that in our days with the economical crisis many children can take part.

Apart from that, I would like to point out that scouts help children find new friends who can be there for them anytime they need them! It is commonly accepted that every child need to have by his side true friends to help him with his problems. Also, a child needs good friends to hang out with and relax, talk about their problems, etc…

Furthermore, during every year scouts learn a lot of thing that are very useful for their everyday life! Firstly, they learn first aid! They learn what they have to do when they hit the ground or when a fire break or when someone don’t know how to swim, etc. Secondly, they learn topography and how to making maps. This helps them find a way back when they get lost in a place. Thirdly, they learn other ways of communication such as morse code which help them communicate with someone when they are lost! It is easy enough for someone to understand how important this knowledge and experience is for a child who can know feel more confident about himself and know how to face thing in a calm way! He knows in every difficult situation what he can do to protect himself and others so he feels sure about himself and most of all safe!

Please, older people don’t cry! Scouts are here for every age! Anyone who is older than 18 years old can join the scouts’ club ethelontical and help younger people learn those important things! They can join them in their excursions, too. However, the most important thing is that they can find a place with true friends who will be always by their side!