Moral Dillemmas: Yes or No?

         By Alpohority Danai (B Class)


In a situation that you have two choices and the best one for you is very obvious it is very easy to decide. But not in all the situations it is easy to make a decision. Sometimes you are in a moral dilemma. A moral dilemma is when it is necessary to make a distinction between ethics, values, morals, laws and policies because the answer is more complicated.

An example of a moral dilemma is the next one:

A madman who has threatened to explode bombs in crowded areas has been arrested. But he has already planted the bombs and they are scheduled to go off in a short time. It is possible that hundreds of people may die. The authorities cannot make him divulge the location of the bombs. He refuses to say anything. In exasperation, some high level official suggests torture. Do you agree? If you do, would it also be morally justifiable to torture the mad bomber’s innocent wife if that is the only way to make him talk?


70% answered: yes

30% answered: no


What would you have answered?

What would you have done if you were the one dealing with the specific situation?