Arkas Sketches

By Dionysia Pelekouda-Oikonomou, Maria-Eleni Skiada, Michalis Skanavis and Iliana Mandouka (B Class)


Arkas is one of the most famous cartoonists in Greece. He has been making comics since the 80′s. His first creations was a series of comics called «o kokoras» that means the cock,  published by magazines like «Babel» and «Para pente» .One of the most famous comics he has created is «Isobitis» . The two main characters are a prisoner and a mouse. That comic has also been presented as a Muppet show in Greek television.  Lots of his creations has been translated on other languages such as French, German and Spanish. The last years he has also created two plays, one of which has been played at 2007 and the other one at 2011.The most interesting information about him is that nobody knows his real name. He used to call himself Arkas due to his origin, an area in Greece known as Arkadia. Although, sometimes was referred in some comics as Antonis Evdaimon or Gerasimos Spanodimitris but these are nicknames too.