Addicted to video games

By Dimitirs Siatras (B Class)


Video game addiction is an excessive or compulsive use of video games that affects a person’s everyday life. Just like with every other addiction, (smoking, doing drugs) the person addicted needs more and more time in front of a console or a PC playing video games to keep himself satisfied. As a result, the person only pays attention to this activity and underestimates others like work, social life, education.


The addiction is caused by the addictive nature of the video games, and the satisfaction they give us while we’re completing the multiple tasks is what makes us keep coming back for more of this experience. Besides fun, video games give us multiple in-game rewards, freedom, and an opportunity to connect and interact  with other players in massive online based games.


The consequences of this addiction can be headaches, red eyes, illusions, back problems and generally physical problems from sitting in one position for multiple hours. But some times the result can be death, just like it has been proven from multiple incidents in China, South Korea, Vietnam, United States and Brazil and more recently in Taiwan where a man died after playing for 40 hours in the private room of an internet café, and was found by the owner of the store.


If there’s such an addicted person in your friendly or family environment, we can help him by recommending him participating in other activities that can get him out from his addiction, encourage his participation in athletic activities and social events. If their addiction has been going for a long time and is irreversible to the above measures then the person shall seek medical attention. There are multiple specialized centers that can help an individual in addiction and have a great effect on him.