New Year’s Resolutions

          By Ioanna Koutra (A class)

             2016 is here and the most common thing that we do at the start of each year is setting goals. We get excited, we imagine what we would love to do this year and we write down every single thing that goes down to our head, but……..sometimes it’s not as easy to achieve them. This is the reason I am writing today, to give you some tips in how to achieve your goals and also some ideas-goals for this year.

First things first. When we set our goals we need to have a clear mind and not be tired. So let’s get started.


  1. First of all your goals need to be attainable and realistic. That means that they can be achieved and they are not just big dreams. You have to make changes considering what you can actually do and of course what you are willing to do.
  2. Continuing you must to be sure that your goals are measurable. You must determine your objectives regarding the timeframe you set as well as quantity.
  3. Lastly your goals have to be specific. It is really important your objectives to be accurate, leaving aside abstract thinking.

Now that we have the necessary skills to set goals I believe it’s time to give you some ideas/goals for this year.

  1.  Start a new hobby. A hobby can add diversity, excitement, happiness and joy to our lives. We also meet new people, we develop new skills and we discover different aspects of our personality.

o-WOMEN-YOGA-CLASS-facebookimages2.  Quit a bad habit. Quitting a bad habit has lots of benefits and they vary depending on the habit. For example, did you know that ditching junk food will make you happier? A recent research revealed that people who eat often junk food are more likely to develop depression.

         Quit-Smokingno_FAST_FOOD_2503. Try to eat healthy. Eating healthier will make you more productive and happier. Did you know that certain foods have the ability to moderate cortisol, the stress hormone?

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4. Exercise. Exercise reduces stress, alleviates anxiety and boosts “happy” hormones (endorphins).


5. Get rid of  “toxic” people. Don’t allow others to make you feeling sad, uncomfortable and strealing your sense of self.


          To conclude, this is all I had to tell you and I hope I’ve helped you. I hope this year you will achieve all your goals and your dreams will come true. Thanks for reading!












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