Teenagers vs Drugs

(Gerasimos Gerogiannis, A class)


       The most devastating addiction that someone can have is drugs. Drugs can have detrimental effects on both the psychology and health of a teenager and they can destroy his life, dreams and hopes.

Here are 8 good reasons that teenagers should fight drugs for:


1.  Drugs can dramatically reduce the life expectancy.

2.  All kinds of addictions can have an impact on the teenagers” character.

3.  Drugs create a fake world for the addict to live in.

4.  It is extremely difficult to give up drugs once you have started using them.

5.  It is not easy to afford the dose if you are addicted.

6.  Drug addicts are often isolated from the community and are treated as useless.

7.  The process of giving up drugs is extremely time consuming and can be painful.

8.  Not only do the addicts suffer from the addiction but so do their families.