By Nina Tsalamida and Katerina Paisiou


While the wars in the Middle East are becoming even more dangerous for the unarmed population, more and more people are forced to leave their countries and come to Greece. Their target is the countries of the northern and central Europe such as Germany, France or Sweden.

The problem isn’t about these people who are hoping for a better future but the inability of Greece to host them. Every day at least 5.000 refugees and immigrants are imported on the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. The number of those people monthly is extremely large to be controlled. The Greek government at the instant is trying hard to find an appropriate place for the immigrants to stay as well as food and clothes.


     The immigrants and the refuges that are arriving to Greece from the war zone of the East are really risking their lives through their passing as the travelling conditions are completely unsuitable. In fact, they are paying large amounts of money in order to leave their countries without controlling the way  they will travel.


       To come to a conclusion, immigrants and refugees from those countries are fighting to keep themselves alive, escape from the war every way they can and of course to have a better life.