Why sports are important for children?

By Sophia Antonopoulou (A class)


Sports are not only a source of enjoyment but also a way to maintain good physical health and help children develop good character. Experiences they gain through sports such as competition, success and failure are what they will find valuable later in their life. However, it is not uncommon to find athletes who are considered difficult or even bad-tempered.

First of all, children have the opportunity to learn the importance of hard work and punctuality through playing sports. When they try to succeed in sports, they will realize regular practice and tenacious efforts are necessary to give good performance. Moreover, in most sports there are rules that need to be followed. Through these rules athletes learn the value of teamwork, obeying to rules and the importance of fair play. Furthermore, by playing sports whether individual or a team sport, children can learn the joy of victory and they also must learn how to deal with disappointment that comes with a defeat. As a result, sports can build good character in children and teach them important life lessons which will be useful throughout their future.

On the other hand, no one can deny that most people admire athletes for their achievements in sports. Many famous athletes are considered bad-tempered while they are not at the begging off their career.  It seems clear that the most basic reason for this change in their character is money and sudden fame. A young person usually starts a sport as a hobby or due to the fact that he wants to escape from his daily routine and his problems. When he discovers that he has a special talent, everybody urges him to practice more and more. The pressure is too much for a young person. Additionally, sometimes money and fame corrupts people so much that they cannot see anything else. Last but not least, a person’s behavior can worsen in relation to the pressure applied to win at all costs.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that sports are not only for entertainment but help children build good character. By socializing and competing with other people, they develop essential skills. However, it can also cause bad-tempered athletes. I wholeheartedly believe that we should keep control and take into consideration both sides.

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”   – Derek Jeter-