By Maria Katsenou (A class)


Rome is an unforgettable city. The sophistication of the Roman Empire is resurrected through the city’s countless ancient treasures. This and the gastronomy explain why everyone when it comes to throw a coin into Fontana di Trevi wishes that one day, they will return to Rome.



The plane finally touched down! I am so happy that I have reached my destination so I take the first taxi and I head towards the Pantheon. There is no entrance fee and the dome inside is an architectural wonder! I visit it and then I make a walk at Piazza della Rotonda which is the square right outside the Pantheon. Then I go to Piaza di Firenze for a taste of fresh buffalo mozzarella delicacies at Obika.


Καταγραφή1Pantheon (inside)



The next day I decide to visit the Flavian Amphitheatre, the renowned Colosseum and the Roman Agora. After finishing this route and taking some photos with men dressed up as Roman soldiers, I look for the Colloseo metro station which is situated just across the monument, and take the subway until I arrive at Piazza di Spagna. Around this area you will find especially fashion stores…actually this is the place where all the big Italian brands are placed! Near Piazza di Spagna, you can also find the first ever McDonald’s opened in Italy (not such a historical event but it is important for the peckish). Later, I visit Fontana di Trevi. I take pictures, look around and of course defend my pockets and bag from the strange people and buy an ice cream from the Gelateria near the fountain. From here on I will only tell you to enjoy your night walk and get lost into the alleys.


ΚαταγραφήPiazza di Spagna

Καταγραφή3Roman Forum

Καταγραφή4Fontana di Trevi



I would definitely dedicate my last day to the Vatican museum. I have already booked my tickets, so I admire the imposing St.Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel avoiding the queue. It will take you about 3-4 hours to see it and notice the memorable art pieces. I pass the Castel Sant’ Angelo overlooking the River Tiber on my way to the Trastevere. I make a little walk wondering through its cobbled streets and having lunch of delicious seafood at le Mani in Pasta. Here is the end of my trip…with all my heart I wish to return to Rome someday!

 Καταγραφή 6Vatican

Καταγραφή5Trastevere quarter