Stress: “a devious enemy”

By Anna Sergiou (B class)

 It is fact that the most of us feel the state of stress daily. We feel that everything seems to have become too much and difficult and we wonder if we really can deal with our responsibilities. This state of worry and fear is usually experienced before confronting something challenging like a test, an examination, a performance, or an interview.


 Generally, stress is our body’s method of reacting to any kind of challenge or threat. It has symptoms, such as the acceleration of heart’s pounds, the rise of breath, the muscles’ tightening  and the increase of blood pressure. All these are due to the stress hormones our nervous system releasing when we are in threatening situations.


Maybe stress is a natural, biological situation but when it becomes overwhelming, it can create important damage in our health.

So, in this case, we must strongly cope with it.


The first and the most important thing we can do is to make sure myselves that we have done everything we could in order to reach our goal. Then, we must believe in myselves and focus to our aim. If this doesn’t work, we can do something which will distract our attention and will make us forgot the state of fear, such as a sport, a walk in the nature or bicycling. Finally, we must realize that we can’t be perfect, so that not being so afraid of doing something wrong. Then, the state of stress will disappear.


Stress has already become so commonplace that we rate it a way of life. However, as we saw, it damages our health so we must take it out of our life.