Golden State Warriors

By Antony Kostopoulos & Terry Karabalis (A class)


We all know the unbroken record of Golden State Warriors. The only question nowadays is: can Golden State Warriors brake the ultimate record of wins of the BULLS since 1980?

The answer to this question is “YES”. Golden State Warriors is such a good NBA team that has broken most of the unbreakable World records. That is because of their shooting star, Stephan Curry. He is the most intelligent basketball player and he has broken a lots of records.


However, Golden State Warriors has only 2 defeats at 35 games and they should not win up to 10 defeats. It is a very difficult record that BULLS achieved 35 years ago and they won the championship.

In conclusion, Golden State Warriors is a capable team that can break more records and one of the records of the most wins in a regular season belongs to them. In our humble opinion, it is the best team in the world but they can improve themselves even more.


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