Online Shopping

By Eftychia Papoutsi & Sandy Boussia (A class)


Over the past few years, the rising popularity of the Internet has changed our lives in many respects. One of the growing trends in recent years is the purchase of goods on the Internet. As far as I am concerned, online shopping can offer a great number of benefits to consumers.

First and foremost, online shopping can be timesaving and convenient. In other words, prospective buyers have the opportunity to visit a large number of virtual shops at the comfort of their homes. They can also visit different shops in various countries around the world at a click of a mouse. However, if they wanted to visit these places in person, it is certain that they would need endless hours.

What is more, buying online comes with reduced prices. Online shops do not have to pay for window displays, employees or advertisement thereforethey can cut down on prices. Nevertheless, using a credit card online is not always safe as a result of the difficulty of finding a reliable site. I can say without hesitation that it is a huge difference between the purchase of good on the Internet and the personal contact among producer and customer.

Taking everything into consideration, although distance shopping is very convenient and consumers can find a wild range of things at low prices, it is time-consuming and it hides a lot of dangers. My point of view is that the best way of reliable shopping is the personal contact as you have the chance to negotiate with the producer.