A bookworm-friendly article (?)

By Vicky Tsimbouki & Demeter Frysira (B class)

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We all know for a fact that books are a fantasy gateaway, but yet, they are some of the most underestimated loyal friends in the world.
In an era where luscious lips and sculpture-looking abbs are considers life goals, there is neither the money, nor the interest for a humble book investment. This makes me wonder whether people, to whom literature is indifferent, feel like they are missing something. Do they realise that they replace knowledge and culture with unworthy material? Probably not, because they see what they want to see. They become guilible, as they do not practise their critical thinking and they do not open their minds to new possibilities.
This is not an article about the degradation of the value of books as, clearly, we are talking about a generation of degenerate beauty queens.