(By Krikis Thanasis, Mittaris Nikos & Koutsokeras Mihalis, A Class)


World party is a TV show which started in 2013 from the Greek channel ERT 3. Four best friends from Thessaloniki started this TV show just because it was their dream. After a lot of rejections from Greek TV channels they finally managed to find the solution by just waiting for an opportunity. This opportunity was given to them by ERT 3 channel. So, let’s introduce the main presenters of this extremely unique TV show.

Sakis Tanimanidis

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1981. He is the director, producer and presenter of the show. He is maniac with gymnastics, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. He is usually hungry throughout the day. He has excess energy and likes to talk and travel around the world. His motto is «You Only Live Once» (YOLO) … not just sit on the couch and let life go on. He likes to make others smile. He is an engineer and he has studied Aristotle. He did his Master’s (MBA) at Babson College US. His best friend is George.

George Mavridis

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1978. He has particular love for animals and more specifically for his dog, Molly. He has been professionally engaged in the art of tattooing since 1999. He paints from a really young age. His hobby is football and he likes extreme sports. He loves music and video games. He is the owner of «Tattooligans» studio, which is his second home. His best friend is Sakis.


There are also two other members, Thodoris Plakidis (Teo) and George Letzas. They are the photographers/filmers. These four talented young travelers travel all around the world and they are trying to show to people the beautiful side of some countries known or not. In each episode, they try to present a country. They show the most representative and other parts of various countries all around the world. The unique characteristic about this TV show is that, unlike other TV shows, they always face any situations, bad or good, with humor and with their motto YOLO (which means you only live once). This means that anyone must face their difficulties with happiness and hope about the future.

The secret of success

Their secret of success is that from the beginning they wanted to make something different, something that has never been done before. Although some people may not like this show, no one can say that it’s not different.

The most dangerous of their journeys

No1: Zambia, Africa – Victoria waterfalls: George and Sakis jump in a physical pool from the edge of the waterfalls. Sakis claimed that that single moment he lost 10 years of his life.

No2: in northern Africa, they travelled in a ghetto where they were the only white people in that area. The indigenous black people could always harm George and Sakis as they have strong enmity for white people.

No3: the most dangerous place they visited was a favela in Argentina where they couldn’t escape from the aggressive mafia members.


The most impressive and exciting trip they made was in the Amazon River. They say that wherever you go you meet different civilizations but Amazon was extraordinary. The combination of pure nature and unspoilt river in addition to indigenous civilizations create a unique landscape with picturesque scenery. It’s startling how the indigenous people adapt so well in the rainforest without any help or communication with the modern world.

But the trips have offered something more than just fun. They were fulfilled as humans due to all their new experiences. The fact that they meet people from all social statuses has helped them form a personality that can judge situations better.


Above all, they are simple people, but most importantly inseparable friends. They have formed a friendship that will last maybe forever. This is, as they claim, the most important outcome of their trips. They think that travelling around the world is the point of life and would recommend it to everyone.


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