(By Andriana Giannikopoulou, A Class)


As we have probably already understood, most people’s lives are related to others’ and many times people have no choice but to join various groups. This participation in several groups has a significant impact on people.

In my opinion, people join groups for several reasons. First of all, sometimes it is mandatory, for example, when we have classes and the teacher obliges students to work in groups. This also happens in business and the equivalent projects. Regardless of their disagreement and their different opinions and ideas, quite often people are obliged to participate and co-operate in groups. Another reason is that people try to improve their relationship with others and solve their problems. This way they do not only become stronger, but they also have the opportunity to meet new personalities and create new friendships. Do not forget that people’s lives depend on communication.

Groups are very important for people’s everyday life. One major reason is to increase our feelings for others and show sensitivity for their problems. This way everyone of us would also increase our self-confidence and manage to respect ourselves. While we join a group, we get information and this way we improve our knowledge in many fields. Do not forget that humans take part in groups from their young age until they die. Furthermore, groups would lead people to take action or achieve their goals by being helped by others. This way they will increase team work and realise the importance of coming into contact with others.

All in all, groups are an integral part of people’s lives. From their young age they participate in them. Groups can help them as they increase team work and cooperation. If groups did not exist, people would only deal with themselves, something which could not help them develop their personality. So, all of you who have just now finished reading this article, remember to be sociable and active.