The youth are taking action on climate change in Europe


The youth are taking action on climate change in Europe
In the last few years, we have witnessed a decline in public interest, especially from the youths
in Europe. Apparently, the younger generations feel disappointed from the way the political
world faces the present problems and the yet to come.
A particularly important issue that is noticeable on a daily basis, is the climate change and its
impact on the daily lives of the citizens today and tomorrow. The youths are realizing that they
will be primarily affected, as they will be living in our world in the next few years.
The youths of Europe were the first to realize the need to do something about this problem,
with a 16-year-old student from Sweden leading the way as an example, participating in
every corner of Europe on gatherings and events, pressing the politicians to take stricter and
stronger measures against climate change, to improve its effects and, where possible to reverse
humanity’s environmentally destructive course.
Starting from this very important issue, the teenagers in Europe are realizing that they- and no
one else- must become protagonists in Europe that is taking shape today, and seek to take the
matter into their hands, to the possible extend, for the future of Europe and the planet in
general, trying to make their voices heard and their requests listened to. The rulers and the
political parties, watching the youth’s movement growing, are taking notice of environmental
issues in their pre-election programs, which until now has been the privilege of mainly
ecological parties.
It is certain that the young people of Europe, when they realize that their voices are being
heard and that the politicians are taking their rightful request into account, they will proceed
further and they will be interested in more important cases that are as important in the
formation of the future Europe, which will in turn contribute to even more active engagement
of the youth with the commons, making them active members of our democratic society and
beacons of hope for Europe.
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