End-of-year event for “Be gr8ful”

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The 2nd Graders' performance about happiness

The 2nd Graders’ performance about happiness

On Monday, June 10th, 2019 the 2nd Graders of the 10th Helioupolis Primary School presented the eTwinning project “Be gr8ful” the children and their teachers, Ms Irene Pouli and Ms Christina Katsiari, had been working on since November 2018. The children informed their families, their fellow school mates and the teachers who attended the event that the project, based on an idea contributed by the school’s Special Teacher, Ms Belitsou, was meant to make them acknowledge happiness in their life, feel grateful and empathetic and move a step forward by producing happiness in the lives of others as part of this innovative social entrepreneurship project.

The 2nd Graders participated in cross-curricular activities with children of the same age from Turkey and the Czech Republic. At the end-of-year event they organized, they sang ‘The Ode to Joy” and acted out two short theatrical plays guided by Ms Theodoropoulou, the Music teacher and Ms Baroutaki, the Drama teacher respectively.

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