The Fourth Grade Meeting

ΑΠΟ: kavalagt18 - May• 25•19
The Fourth Grade Meeting

The Fourth Grade in January-February 2019 they had a meeting via video call with their partners, the Polish and the Estonians, the Lithuanians even thought they were connected they had technical problems. They voted Polish and Estonian movies and their partners were voting the Greek ones. Also they voted the paintings they liked.  They had to choose among 4 different paintings from each country and 2 different movies from each country. Finally they voted for 1 painting and 1 movie from each country. They played an online game, Kahout. The theme was the partner countries. The most easy question in the children’s opinion was the question: “Which is the capital of Lithuania?”, their answer was correct, Bilnius. The most hard question was: “Which country does not have the Euro?” this time they didn’t get the answer correct, which was Polish. Some children were having a hard time figuring out the password and were writing it wrong, this was causing problems.  Their activities were Painting, Cinematography and Music, in Music they sang Christmas carols in Estonian and the partners Christmas carols in Greek. The Architect is an activity they are still working on.

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