journal ( by Loukas Papageorgiou)



Tuesday night, 3 March

I, my brother and my mum met Gutmund at school. The first minutes, we are silent and we felt uncomfortable but after going home we had a juice we felt much better. After a couple of hours we went to the restaurant and met the other studens Greek and non-Greek. And enjoyed ourselves.

Wendsday, 4 March


At 8: 00  we went at school, me and my NEW friend from Dennmark, my fried Eleftheria and her own guest Vania. I was really excitted about this muhinational company. I show him my schooland and they welcome activities and after that it was the presentation of each country.


After the end of classe the GROUP of foreiqh students and a grour of Greek studentes wen to Planitarium ahd atteuded a seminar about 3D priting. I went home at 20:00, ahd Gutmund came at eleven both we were exhauted and went to our beds.



We went at school, and the GROUP of Foreign teachers and students visited Acropolis ahd the town center.