«…this project has been a very good experience!»



(Regina keletsi)



I was very happy on this day. In the morning I went to school. After school, I waited at home till the clock would go 18:30. I had done my homework and returned to school. A beautiful and kind girl, Karoline, was there waiting for me. I took her with me at home and we had been talking for three hours. It was already 19:50 when we decided to go to the tavern “Papagalos” at around 20:00 o’ clock. Panagiotis, Loukas and Eleftheria were already there with another kid from abroad. His name was Gudmund and he came from Denmark. He sat next to Karoline. We came back home at 23:00 o’ clock.


          The next day we woke up at 7:15 o’ clock. We ate breakfast and went to school. We had a presentation there for the kids who came from foreign countries. First of all we read some things about what we were going to dance. We danced like priestesses with flags from all the countries dances such as hasapiko, hasaposerviko etc. Then we sang a song of Pink Floyd, called “The wall”. We saw a short play from Italy (Volterra) and Turkey. At 17:00 we went to an institute of Technology until 19:30. Then we ate dinner at a tavern called “Calypso”. We returned home at 23:00 o’ clock again.


          At 07:50 in the morning the foreign kids went to the National Archeological Museum. Then they had a lovely tour around Athens on an open train. After that, they went for souvlaki lunch to Plaka/Monastiraki. They walked up to the Acropolis. Later at 13:30 they visited the Sacred Rock of Acropolis and at 15:00 they had a guided tour at the Acropolis Museum. Then they went to Kallithea Town Hall for the mayor’s welcome. Finally we had dinner at the “Papagalos” tavern.



On Friday we had some presentations of Italy-Nicolini, Poland, Bulgaria and Spain. At 17:00 o’ clock our teachers went shopping with some kids to relax. All together students and teachers, we went for a farewell dinner with music and dancing at the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” restaurant at 20:30.



          This day was a little bit weird for all of us. Most of the foreign kids were already leaving such as the ones from Portugal (4:30), Bulgaria (8 am), Poland (8:50 am), Italy (9:45 am), Turkey (10 am) and Hungary (15:40 pm). The other kids went shopping to Monastiraki to buy a lot of souvenirs.



          Kids from Denmark, Spain and Germany left Greece on Sunday morning. I have to say that this project has been a very good experience for everyone. Finally, I think that we met many nice kids who we want to see again sometime. I will miss everyone!

 photography ,by  students 26 Primary School of Kallithea, Athens