σχολικός εκφοβισμός

By : Panagiotis Mauropoulos


Bullying is a big problem .Bullying generally happens when one child or one group of children tries to hurt another kid, over and over, by being mean to him or her. Bullying has many forms, like hurting someone by kicking, punching, hitting and pushing or by name-calling, teasing and spreading nasty rumors, either online or in person. Both kids who bully others and kids who are bullied have many problems. Children WHO act like this, may be bullied by other children or adults and also they may feel lonely and believe that their parents don’t care about them. Kids who are bullied are usually anti social characters, don’t have many friends, they may feel weak and they don’t get along with their family. Bullying can be prevented in many ways at schools. Teachers must talk to both pupils and their parents about bullying . Also, pupils should have some rules against violence in each class, do team work and get along with each other. If you are bullied or if you see a kid being bullied you have to tell someone you trust about it and get help. Finally, teachers can consult specialists to help them cope with this problem.