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The Paradox called Love (poem)

By Erina Vasilakopoulou

What is love?

Love is but an illusion.

Tainted by the ignorance of mind

And amoral gullibility

When are you in love with someone?

How many nights have you spent thinking about them and smiling to yourself like a 5-year old toddler that was given candy?

I’m sure that could count as love right?

Well, skip forward a few weeks, months, years.

Now they’re hugging someone else, they’re laughing with someone else, they’re happy with someone else.

They don’t see you anymore. You are nothing but a person from the past.

How many nights will you spent thinking about them ,

and crying yourself to sleep, like a 5-year old toddler, that someone stole his candy?

Do you still think it was love back then?

Yes, because you’re hurting. That means you loved them, right?

But is love supposed to hurt? Love and pain are set apart by a very thin line. It sounds so wrong, so very wrong. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to have a positive meaning.

And did they ever love you? Is it possible for them to have loved you before and to have stopped loving you after a while? Can you stop loving someone?

And if you do, was it ever love in the first place?

So what is love?

Love is but a selfish obsession.

Obligatory devotion.

Passionate lust.

Hidden under a beautiful quilt.

That sounds harsh. An obsession is not a healthy  behavior, it doesn’t have a positive meaning.

Love isn’t supposed to have a negative meaning right?

Right, but then why are you so «obsessed» with them? Why does your mood depends on them to a great extent if not completely? Why do you want to see them everytime you’re not with them? Why do you find excuses to talk to them, for no apparent reason? Why, if not because you’re obsessed with them?

Maybe that’s not love either. Maybe that’s exactly what it sounds like, an obsession. An obsession with the idea of someone, the idea of being with them.

Love is but an idea.

That’s depressing. Love is such a beautiful word, for it not to be true. But maybe exactly for that, it doesn’t exist. Unicorns and Pegasus are some of the most extraordinary and beautiful creatures to exist. But wait, they don’t actually exist. They are not real. So maybe love is not real either.

Who is to tell though that unicorns and Pegasus don’t exist? How can you prove that something is not there? You can’t.

So maybe love does exist.

If so, what is love?

Well, I don’t know. I have no idea what love is, but maybe we can pretend. We can pretend that we know what love is, when we say I love you. We can pretend that we can set apart love from lust, passion, pain, fear, self-sacrifice, obsession.

We can pretend. Just for a while… And maybe by pretending you will actually find out eventually. Fake it till you make it, don’t they say? That doesn’t sound right either. I don’t like to think love is fake.

But then, what is love?

Love is but a fall.

We fall many times in our lifetime, we fall during the first months of our lives when we learn to walk, we fall during our childhood when we’re playing, we fall during our teenage years. But that’s a different kind of fall, that’s falling in love.

Maybe that’s why I prefer the term falling in love, than the greek word «erotevomai»

Because it includes the fall.

With that at least, I’m actually familiar.

I think I know what love is.

Love isn’t something you can determine exactly. Love is the X in an equation. It doesn’t have a form, or a specific feeling. Love isn’t supposed to be something. It just is. And maybe that’s the magic of it all. You just put the X in the equation and find the result.

And like equations are impossible, maybe love is nothing of the above.

And like equations are possible for every number, maybe love is all of the above.

 You can’t determine it, unless you solve it. So, go ahead.

Find out, what love is.




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«The Void… of Joy» (Poem)

The Void of Joy

(By Trisevgeni Tzefriou)

The lights off

eyes tired

the celebration is over

and a void in their hearts.

Now black Hope

lost sunbeam

everything ends

dreams melt

Hollow feelings

heart with spaces

they left a canoe

the purity was extinguished

Oh! joys with emptiness

Oh! celebrations with air

Oh! you who cheat

you are trampling on freedom


“Το κενό… της xαράς”

τα φωτάκια σβησμένα

τα μάτια κουρασμένα

η γιορτή τελείωσε

και ένα κενό στις καρδιές τους.

Τώρα μαύρη ελπίδα

χαμένη ηλιαχτίδα

όλα τελειώνουν

τα όνειρα λιώνουν.

Κούφια αισθήματα

καρδιά με διαστήματα

ένα κενό αφήσαν

την αγνότητα σβήσαν.

Ω! χαρές με κενό

Ω! γιορτές με αέρα

Ω! εσείς που εξαπατάτε

την ελευθερία καταπατάτε.


Life is a Challenge (poem)

Life is a challenge

 (By Andriana Skaltsa)

Running through this maze

That we call life

Finding the strength

In order to get by


Try stay focused

Cause life won’t be easy

 Be courageous

And you will thrive


Keep your heart safe

Away from the darkness

Find hope

And go after happiness


If our lives were easy,

If we didn’t fall,

And without challenges,

Will we learn at all?


Seeking out glory

Trying to be great

Even with the trials

Life is worth the wait

Greed (Poem)


By Eleni-Maria Trianti


And then, I was on a boat, all alone,

In an ocean that seemed as if it was my own,

The paddle had drowned, along with my ambition.

What’s the worth of an agent without a mission?

As the time flew by,

The need to quench my thirst grew stronger on the inside.

So, I looked around,

And I thought “water’s nowhere to be found”.

I looked around again, twice and thrice.

I could drink the water, but, at what price?

So, I proceeded to drink,

Since I was unable to think.

But, the thirst inside me grew stronger and stronger.

Is this it? Is it over?

Why is it that I never succeed?

Could it be because of my greed?


Beauty (Poem)


By Myrto Zapandioti


They pulled out your horns, your claws, your fangs

They carved them into necklaces and wrapped them around your neck

You’re finally beautiful; watery eyes and bloody gums

But you smile


You smile because you were ordered to

You smile because your life depends on it

Your teeth holding back the blood in your mouth

Your teeth holding back your pain


You open your mouth and the blood comes gashing out

But your blood is not beautiful

So you never open your mouth again

You never speak, you never think

You just smile


The others look down on you now

They have sharp claws, like the ones you had before they took them away from you

Now you have become weak

You have become their target


As their claws are piercing your soft skin

You are being told to smile once more

Because your screams aren’t pretty

Neither is your blood because your blood is yours

And you are not beautiful; only your pain is.

Butterfly Basics

By Spyridoula Giannika


Cho always loved visiting the forest near her house, early in the morning when she could see all those beautiful butterflies gently flapping their wings under the soft wakening of the sun. Cho*, what a beautiful name!

An early morning, while Cho and her nana where out tending their small garden, they noticed some new faces in the neighbourhood. It turned out that a family of foreigners had recently moved in. Later that day, they decided to go pay a visit to them and welcome them to the neighbourhood. They were a very welcoming family and turns out they had two kids around Cho’s age, Timothy and Elizabeth. Cho ended up becoming very good friends with both of them. She loved hearing their stories about their homeland and how different life is there from here.

Soon Cho decided to take Eli with her and share her favorite spot in the forest, where they could watch the early summer sun awake.

It was an early Sunday morning, what was Timothy doing awake? He had heard his sister leaving and out of curiosity, especially when he saw Cho, he decided to follow them for a while and then try scare them, a classic prankster…right? But they kept on going, walking further and further into the forest until they finally stopped and sat down on some blankets they had brought with them. They seemed so happy. What does Eli have that he doesn’t? Shouldn’t it be him there with Cho? He was frustrated, confused, hurt, what he saw wasn’t right.

Around a year later, Eli announced that she would be visiting some friends back home therefore, she had to leave for a couple of days. During that time, Cho’s nana passed away from old age, her last thoughts went to her granddaughter as she would be leaving her behind, alone. Eli hearing this, rushed back to Cho only to find her brother’s empty words. He says after her grandma’s passing Cho moved away to live with her aunt in Tokyo. He urged his sister to move on as Cho would never come back. Little did Eli know that there was no aunt but Timothy had made sure to take away Cho from her by any means necessary. However, Eli did try searching for Cho but couldn’t find anything.

Rumor has it that all the butterflies mysteriously disappeared from the forest that same day. And there is only but a shadow of a young woman left behind, who wanders every morning around the forest, sad yet angry, mourning for what was taken from her.


“While touching a butterfly’s wings may not kill it immediately, it could potentially speed up the fading of the colors on the butterfly’s wings, wiping out patterns that are used to protect the butterfly from predators. Touching the butterfly’s wings could potentially result in a shorter than expected life.”

-         Butterfly Basics


*The name Cho is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Butterfly.

Also, a Korean name meaning «beautiful.»


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