By Maritina Haritou, Alexandra Karveli & Menia Grammatika

  1. Find someone to walk through with you.
    Literally and metaphorically. Find someone to accompany you through the corridors, but also support you at any given situation. Find that one person, who will cause you tears from laughter and who will wipe away your tears of sadness.
  2. Don’t worry, be happy.
    Grades, exams, teachers… They might seem a lot, but they’re not. You’re strong enough to make it through. It’s just a challenge. Prove how smart and intelligent you are and enjoy it.
  3. Have fun.
    Choose the right company and find joy in the boring classrooms. Discover the funny side of your school. Spend these nine months with the most enjoyable way.
  4. Be yourself.
    Show that beautiful self of yours. Believe in yourself. Be ambitious, in a healthy way, and reach the top. Make sure to show your unique and extraordinary personality.