Elimination Of Terrorist Attacks

By Helen Kaspiri & Joanna Zirou


In our modern era of the prevalence of broadminded believes and the respect to human rights, there are still obscure happenings that underestimate human worth. Such events are related to terrorism over mainly religious aspects. To my view, the solution of this problem and the effective protection of the targeted countries require the avid action of all the governments worldwide.


In a first place, it is vital that those who are in political power take firm measures for the prevention of a terrorist attack. What I mean is that people should be informed about the topic and be properly educated. Virtues, such as the freedom of choosing a religion, human rights and the mutual feelings of love and respect among people globally should be extensively emphasized. Those who have really the power to do so are families and the way they raise their children, schools and of course represents of religions. In this way, people all around the world will firm emotions of esteemation and democracy, principles that will prevent them from committing a terrorist attack.


Furthermore, there is no doubt that certain nations are more vulnerable to such events. In order to protect those countries, it is vital that governments enhance their police force. Strict security checks should be conducted by the police in crowded places that are common targets of terrorists. Moreover, police should carry out investigations in order to find out prospective terrorists and imprison them. Last but not least, it is urgent that constant interrogations take place in all the ports, airports and borders of the countries. As a result, the safety of those nations will be ensured.


To sum up, terrorism is a tragic criminal action and must be eliminated worldwide. There are measures that governments can take so as to offer a solution to the problem and provide citizens with safety and security. We don’t have to be the same or believe the same. We are equal after all.


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