By Peter Panagopoulos (B class)


Rugby football is a style of football from England. It refers to two current sports, rugby league and rugby union. It developed from a version of football that was played at Rugby School.

Rugby union (rugby) is based on running with the ball in the hand. It’s played by fifteen players by each side. The ball is oval-shaped. The field is with H-shaped goalposts on each goal line. Each team starts the match with 15 players on the field and seven substitutes. There are eight forwards and seven backs. Forwards are generally bigger and stronger and take part in the scrum and line-out. On the other side, the back’s role is to create and convert point-scoring opportunities. They are generally smaller, faster and more agile than the forwards.

Rugby union is played between two teams. The one that scores more points wins the game. Points can be scored in several ways: a try, scored by grounding the ball in the in-goal area (between the goal line and the dead ball line), is worth 5 points and a subsequent conversion kick scores 2 points. A successful penalty kick or a drop goal each score 3 points. The values of each of these scoring methods have been changed over the years.


 The Greek federation of rugby was recognised by the Greek state in 2004 and the European in 2005.Today our country holds the 93th place worldwide. Hellas has 31 rugby clubs. Patras city has got two rugby teams. One team called “Aiolosimage


and the other “Patras’ Rugby’ .sdf