The Environmental Crisis

By Dimitra Plota


It cannot be denied that traffic and pollution of the environment have nowadays become huge problems. People are often arguing whether it has to be a rise in fuel costs or not. Personally, I believe that a higher price on fuels is not needed, but other solutions may be infected to tackle these issues.


To begin with, in recent days, technology has a dramatic development and make people lives easier than in previous years and offers different solutions that can be used. Firstly, if more sustainable energy like solar power, wind power, and hydropower are used to run vehicles and factories, less emission of dangerous gases would be detected to the environment. Furthermore, many traditional big vehicle corporations like Peugeot, Audi, etc., as well as the newest ones like Tesla have made significant innovative steps in the development of various versions of electric cars to follow the guidelines from the experts. Recent surveys have shown that the usage of these cars has declined the levels of harmful gases coming from vehicles in a city and protect the environment.


On the other hand, there are those who claim that the most effective measure for this solution is increasing the price of fuels. That is because, they believe that these immoderately uses of private cars is one of the main causes of the increase of the vehicles population and pollution, and if prices will rise, fewer vehicles will be driven on the roads.


However, both views seem correct, governments must help sustainable companies with decreasing taxes and emerging people to buy these eco-friendly vehicles. In the same way, they can buy trams and trains having the same technology for the decongestion of cities and encourage the citizens to use them instead of their cars. Opponents of not increasing the prices should also require from their governments an improved public transport system which needs to be affordable to the average person. That is because, with the rise of the prices, fewer vehicles will move, but people will have to go to their works.


In conclusion, even though an increase in fuels price is a good way to reduce traffic and pollution problems, it is clear to me that other more effective measures might be better to be taken. Governments have to work in a way that the whole society will gain the benefits from solving these issues. Educating and encouraging their citizens in the usage of eco-friendly vehicles is going to be a very helpful measure.