By Lioliou Anastasia and Dimitris Iliopoulos


Nowadays, people, especially the young ones, tend to waste plenty of money on unnecessary things such as clothes and entertainment, without thinking about the consequences.

To begin with, it is fair to say that everyone likes buying new clothes or having a great time with their friends, nevertheless, there must always be a limit. For example, they need not buy new outfits every single week or hang out with their friends almost every day. They have to realize that these things are useless, so they should not waste their income in order to obtain them. However, we have to admit that not all adolescents adopt this kind of behaviour.

Furthermore, they have to consider people who are in need. Young people should bear in mind that there are millions of people who do not  even have the basic necessary things to live on, while they spend their money on unnecessary stuff.  Even though most teenagers buy inexpensive but fashionable clothes, we definitely have to take this problem into consideration.

To sum up, as far as we are concerned, we have to limit these “bad habits” and take into consideration that there are more important things  to worry about than spending our money unecessarily.