Vertical Farming

By Alexander Theofanis


To begin with, the world population is growing at an unprecedented rate, so the hunger rises. The effects of global warming are as dire as some people fear and the farmlands are getting damaged or even destroyed. Because of these problems, we have to take actions and modernize farming to provide a better world to the next generations.

Firstly, a modern solution is “vertical farming,” a new technique that can provide food to lands that suffer froμ hunger. Those farms are huge and high and have enough space to grow crops that can feed an entire town. This type of farming has to be constructed in the developing countries to help them modernize. However, there are also disadvantages such as that those buildings are prohibitively expensive.

Secondly, the public may be opposed to vertical farms because the conditions that we are in the building will be controlled by the people.

Given those disadvantages, it is unlikely that vertical farming will be adopted on a large scale but it is a modern solution to a modern problem and people should give it a chance.


Source: Wikepeidia