The power of volunteering

By Zoe Drouka and Katerina Apostolopoulou

Nowadays, the feeling of being caring and thoughtful about others is being evaporated. There are plenty of people who are in need. This is the reason why some citizens claim that volunteering is a responsibility people have to take on.

To begin with, charity contributes in citizens to becoming more warm-hearted and better humane people. In addition to this, through volunteering people and especially teenagers are educated to appreciate and be thankful of what they have. Moreover, volunteers do not expect to be rewarded with money, but they are pleased with the feeling of helping people who need human support. Furthermore, volunteering can improve students’ applications in order to get accepted from the best universities. As a further matter, volunteering increases self-confidence since it provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Last but not least, volunteering promotes human solidarity and the spirit of living in an individualistic society is being demolished.

In conclusion, volunteering has a very positive impact in our lives. Volunteering can be considered as an opportunity for people to see a new prospective of life. For all the above reasons, people should be more willing to volunteer.