Simple actions to save our planet!

By: Catherine Paisiou (A Class)


Nowadays there are many demonstrations for the protection of our environment, for the preservation of our planet. But unfortunately we will rarely see people who really care about it!


The truth is that we are not used to thinking about the destruction of our environment because we think that this is a problem of the governments. And this thought is our biggest fault! We all have to care about it if we want to keep living in Earth.

We are all responsible for the problems that we face today. For example, the excessive use of cars and machines has led to the climate change. The climate change has led to the death of many animals and plants that lost their natural habitat. The list is very long…

From this we can easily understand that we have to preserve our planet for the generations coming. There are many things that we can do to accomplish this. These things are simple and ordinary actions that are not going to need a lot of time. They are only going to make our time special and help us profit from it. The only thing needed is some willingness!

So let’s see now some things we can do every day to improve our life in Earth:



  • First of all something very common is recycling. Keep the recyclable objects, like glass, paper, plastic and metal, in another bag and try to use reusable   and biodegradable products as often as you can.  We must not throw them away because for example the glass needs one million years to decompose! After all, it is not that difficult to have two bags of rubbish instead of one!


  • Secondly we must realize that water is not unlimited. A damaged faucet spends 10-15 liters of water per minute. If we close the faucet when we brush our teeth we save 10 liters of water every time. Imagine how much it is when we wash the dishes! Also it’s more preferable to take a shower than filling the bath with water because this way we use 3 times more water. And finally it is important to prefer to wash your car with a bucket and a sponge than with a hose.


  • Moreover we have to reduce the use of the electricity. When we stop using an electric device we should disable it as by doing this we save energy and… money from our pockets! We should also replace the ordinary lamps with energy saving lamps because they last 10 times more and use 75% less electricity and start turning off our computers and the monitors when we don’t use them.
  • A good idea is to have plants! Trees are sources of oxygen and we cut them! So isn’t it better to plant some? Plants make our lives more beautiful and help the environment. So if each one of us planted a tree, we would have cleaner air and an interesting occupation. And of course we could reduce some problems like pollution, global warming and the greenhouse effect.


  • Furthermore it would be helpful to limit our transportations. We have to use our car as less as we can so as to reduce the exhaust gases. Also it would be a good idea to use vehicles of public transport or share our cars with people who do the same route with us. This way we help the environment as we contribute to the reduction of pollution and we become more social by meeting new people!


To sum up, these tips are only indicative! There are millions of actions we can do to help our planet. We just need to care about these problems and try to apply some simple rules in our everyday life!

And don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and talk about them so that everyone will know them!!

Save the Earth!