By Eleni Malliari (B Class)


No one can deny the fact that smoking is a major problem in our society. Day by day all the more people and especially teenagers are getting addicted to smoke without knowing which the real consequences are.

To start with, smoking came from the locals of the American continent. It is a mixture of three thousands substances from which most of them cause cancer and more than forty of them can change even DNA. The basic substance of tobacco is nicotine which causes addiction and affects the Sympathetic nervous system of smokers.

Statistically speaking, at least three hundred fifty thousand people die each year in USA from diseases that are related to smoke from which one hundred thirty five thousands die from cancer.

Smoke cause diseases such as coronary disease, cerebral episodes, cerebral bleedings, thrombosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer. Cancers that are related to smoke are cancer of the mouth, which includes lips gums and tongue, the larynx and the esophagus. What is more, there is also a risk to those who breathe smoke without smoking such as passive smokers or the embryos of pregnant women who smoke. Those babies might die in the first two or three months of pregnancy or be born with less weight than usual and physical or mentally problems which will follow them in the rest of their life.


Taking everything into account I am inclined to believe that no one should start smoking, but for those who have already started should know that never is too late to stop a bad habit.