By Theoni Theodoropoulou and Maria Kollyrou (B Class)


Nowadays, it is fact that most of the teenagers want their independence. They want to leave away from their home while some others prefer leaving with their family.

First and foremost, young people who stay with their families don’t have to care about the cleanliness of the house For example they don’t have to cook for themselves, do the washing up or iron their clothes. Additionally they don’t need to worry about bills because parents take care of everything. Last but not least they never get homesick or miss their family as they always have their attention paid to them.

On the other side of the coin, living away from your parents it is an important step in the transition from dependent childhood to independent adulthood. It offers you total independence but at the same time a lot of responsibilities. Additionally it helps people become more mature, better-organised and self sufficient, as they have to take care of house, manage their monthly money and pay their own bills.

Furthermore, they can invite their friends to their house anytime they want and listen to music at a high volume without having to stand their parents telling them to turn it down. Finally communicate with many people with different ideas, opinions and learn many different cultures from them.

Taking all the above into consideration, we tend to believe that living away from parents when you are a teenager is better than living with them, because you learn to undertake responsibilities and become an independent person in the society.