The bicycle in our lives

By Dionysis Drakoulelis (A class)


Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise

My opinion is that the bicycle is the best way to exercise and having fun at the same time. Also exercising with a bike you can travel and make trips to breathtaking places – such as forests or beaches. As a result bicycle is a very good «tool» to make your exercise, only if you are exercising every day.


Bike as a means of transport

Moreover, a bike can be useful as a means of transport. For example, you can use your bicycle to go to your job than going with your car or your motorbike. This will help the environment and will exercise you. Thereforth you will save a couple of mind that you can use for your escape.


Cycling makes you thiner

It is true that cycling can make you thiner! I believe that the daily exercise will make you be fit and raise the normal weight that you must have. Filally, I think that if you get used to it (cycling every day), you will make it a hobby.



To sum up, I think that the bicycle has more positive things than negative and the most important of all is that you will be healthier and healthier day per day.