Future predictions

By Nikoleta Tsoulou and George Stamatopoulos (A class)


Life in the future will be worse than it is now. Personally, I agree with the statement as I think that life will definitely get more difficult.

First of all, I feel that in the future there will be more uncomfortable living conditions. For example, in the economical situation: lots of people won’t have jobs, so they won’t have money for clothes, food and house support and maintainance. Lots of other problems will exist like more air pollution. People won’t leave their home because it will be dirty and dangerous for them. One more thing is that the oxygen will be reduced more and more. In addition, another problem in the future will be that of technology. Because of technology, all people will stay home; so they will lose personal, face-to-face communication with friends and family.

In conclusion, I am hopeful that, in the years to come, everyone will live  together and will be able to make a better world, even though there will be all these problems.