Team Rivalries

By Alexander Koutsoukos and Nikolas Avradinis (B class)


       It is common knowledge that many people around the world are interested in sports. Some of them play a sport and some others are just keen on watching a sport. There are hundreds of teams in every sport with millions of fans around the globe. They all love their team and they enjoy watching it play. But, there is a huge question that has to be answered. Do all these fans show their support peacefully?

The phenomenon of hooliganism based on team fanatics is very usual, especially in Europe. There are some teams that every time they play, their supporters cause serious accidents by fighting each other. They don’t care at all about the game, their one and only thought is to go to the stadium and fight with their rivals. Some of the “deadliest” derbies of Europe are Panathinaikos-Olympiakos in Greece, Red Star Belgrade-Partizan in Serbia and Galatasaray-Fenerbahce in Turkey. It is very sad to see these things happen in European stadiums because of the fact that they destroy the image of football, basketball, volleyball or any other sport. The saddest of all is that during the accidents between the fans, despite some people’s heritage that is being destroyed, many human lives have been wasted…It is such a pity to hear that young people die for this reason.

I firmly believe that these people should be seriously punished in order to stop this kind of behavior. If we don’t act immediately they will continue to ruin everything they find in their passage with a view to satisfying their crazy willing.