How much of yourself can you actually be?

By George Tsapikounis (A Class)

 How much of yourself can you really be

Despite the fact that this question seems a bit confusing, when someone thinks of how he can possibly be anyone else than himself, it gets really interesting when we interpret it at a sociological approach.

In modern society, due to the given importance of a first impression, a large proportion of people, in their effort to accomplish a smooth socialization, lose sight of the target and tend to present an improved version of their self, rather than their own unique personality, in order to become appealing to others. However, most of the time their behaviour is not based on their personal choice but it is enforced in an indirect manner by the current social surroundings. As a result, apart from their hallucinatory feeling of inadequacy, their personality varies according to the current circumstances, ending up being many-faced persons that lack their own characteristic identity. Consequently, they fall victims of social conformism and cannot enter society as they truly are, while instead they become unable to enjoy the benefits of a smooth socialization such as self-confidence and seamless communication.

In conclusion, as much as acceptable we want to be, we should question ourselves whether it is really worth it to change our true personality to achieve it.