eTwinning projects


Our first project was called ‘A book a day keeps boredom away’ and the activities focused on literature. The students were introduced to classical or modern literature and they participated in innovative activities that gave them the opportunity to develop emotionally and socially. The students cooperated with a school from Romania and worked in groups to discuss, interpret and comment on several books and, finally, produced several creative activities.


Our second project was called The wonders of Nature: Geoparks’ and the activities focused on geoparks. The students were introduced to the geoparks of Europe and they participated in creative activities that gave them the opportunity to develop their environmental conscience and awareness. The students worked in groups to study, understand and present the importance of geoparks in every aspect of everyday life and the need to protect them.


In our third project «Describing our country through Geography, National Cuisine and Traditional Dances” our students collaborated with the «Costache Negri» school, from Galatsi, Romania, and investigated various regions of Greece in a multifaceted manner. In particular, they sought information about the geography and culinary tradition of the areas examined, while they were taught and danced local traditional dances. At the end of the program, they worked in groups and created presentations, which included, for each region separately, interesting elements about the cultural, culinary, music and dance tradition.