Christmas events in our city

                                                                                      γράφει η Ματοπούλου Γεωργία, μαθήτρια της Β” τάξης

   As we all know, Christmas is the most popular and joyful celebration among people, especially children. Throughout Christmas holidays, special events are organised in all cities around Greece to make people feel happy. Well ,this year in Alexandria ,our mayor set up a date to light up our Christmas Tree in the centre of the town. This gave us a chance to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

    To begin with, there’s an ice-rink in our town. I believe it is a lot of fun to see people fall down on the ice while trying to skate. This year the most incredible fact was that the famous singer Stan came to our town to participate in the event of the ligting up of our Christmas tree. The streets were full of teenagers the nearby villages and  the shops were full of customers.We saw our friends, danced and sang and had awonderful time.The Christmas spirit was evetywhere around us everyone was smiling.

    But festivities did not stop here. There was another event that pleased everyone, both teenagers and adults.That was the chocolate celebration.There was a chocolate fountain and everyone had the chance to taste a little bit of chocolate as well as other desserts.

    All in all, Christmas is a magic celebration. You can spend time with people you love, exchαnge gifts and taste delicious food.I hope this year Christmas will be an entertaining and joyful time for everyone.Σχετική εικόνα