«A Boy Called Christmas» by Matt Haig and Chris Mould

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«A Boy Called Christmas»


     Before he became Father Christmas, he was just a Finnish boy named Nikolas, son of a widowed father and proud owner of a doll made from a turnip — the only toy he’s ever owned. Nikolas’s life might have had its share of hardships, but he was happy, playing with his turnip doll and spending time with his loving papa. But one day, his father goes missing in search of the fabled elves, leaving Nikolas alone with his wicked Aunt Carlotta. Can the brave young boy find him before it’s too late?

What follows is a warm but razor-witted tale of flying reindeer, exploding trolls, and courage in the face of cruelty — all delivered with British charm. Meanwhile, Mould’s lively, black-and-white illustrations offer fairytale whimsy with a bit of old-school, Brothers Grimm-ish bite. Trust us: you’ve never seen Santa’s story told quite like this.