THE NYMPH (Δανάη Δούκα)



When you came in my dream I thought you were real

But it was just aura teal


And when I woke up I saw no one

But I knew there was someone


As the summer breeze was touching gently my tan skin

It felt like you were in


I pushed the paper thin curtain to watch the boats leave the port

Just to see you once more


Pale as the sandy beaches

dancing around trees with peaches


I thought I was drunk

Because my head was blank


Those visions of you were driving me crazy

When I was chilling on the ground lazy


Most people were looking forward to dance all night

But what kept me awake was your sight


Peaceful days on the island passed fast

I went to the balcony to search out for you, it was a must

The sun sparked gold across the ripples of the gentle sea

But where were you honey? Where have you been?


My heart was burning slowly like a piece of paper

And the summer heat was fading


I laid my head to the pillow trying to sleep

So that I could catch you breathe in my dream


Oh lovely nymph why were you away?

You glow in the dark like moonlight in the wave


Oh otherworldly nymph take my soul with you in another dimension

So that I will never feel depression

«Η ΝΥΜΦΗ» – Δανάη Δούκα, σχέδιο

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Honey Gentry – Aphrodite 

Δανάη Δούκα
Περί Δανάη Δούκα 8 Άρθρα
Lueur d'espoir

4 Σχόλια

  1. Πραγματικά εντυπωσιακό και άκρως καθηλωτικό το ποίημά σου Δανάη, ένα ταξίδι σε έναν φανταστικό κόσμο. Όσο για το σχέδιο είναι πραγματικά αξιοθαύμαστο!✿♡

    • Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Αυτό που επιδίωκα έτσι κι αλλιώς ήταν ο αναγνώστης να δημιουργεί εικόνες στο μυαλό του μέσω του ποιήματος και να τον ταξιδεύει κάπου που μπορεί να βρει εσωτερική γαλήνη.

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