THE WOMEN OF SOULI (Ελισάβετ Σμεραΐδου)

The Souliotes were a community of Orthodox Christian Albanian-speaking people, living in the historic area of Souli in Epirus, during the Ottoman period. They are best known for their armed resistance against the Ottoman-Albanian ruler, Ali Pasha of loannina.

«The dance of Zalongos» is a legendary historical event that happened after the final occupation of Souli by the army of Ali Pasha, in December 1803. On December 18, 1803, at the top of Mount Zalongo, events took place which resulted in a group of 60 women-Souliotisses with their children to decide to die free rather than fall into the hands of the Turkalvans. They reached the cliff’s edge and some sources of the time, or later, report that the Souliotisses fell while dancing and singing.

Ελισάβετ Σμεραΐδου

*Το άρθρο αυτό είναι εργασία της Ελισάβετ Σμεραΐδου για τους ήρωες και τις ηρωίδες του ΄21 στο πλαίσιο του μαθήματος των Αγγλικών. Ευχαριστούμε τόσο τη μαθήτρια όσο και την καθηγήτρια, κα Έφη Σαμαρά, που το επιμελήθηκε.

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