Throughout the years and as technology blooms having an unsolved case seems something far off and imaginary since there are always proof and realistic theories that solve even the toughest cases, but sometimes not even science can answer to these weird happenings, here are some of them;

1. DISAPPEARING IN THE SNOW: The Dyatlov Disappearence Case


In 1959 , nine graduated uni students had set off for a skiing trip in the nothern Ural Mountains, only for it to take a grizzly turn when they never returned. Following the next few months of desperate search by local police and rescue groups for the campers, they were finally discovered scattered around the terrain far away from their original camp setting. Some with missing body parts while some others frozen dead in only their underwear, several of them had broken bones and a girl was missing her tongue. Their abandoned tents were full of weather proof gear , sweaters and various other supplies that could have aided them in time of a crisis. Moreover to add to the mystery the tents seemed to have been slashed from the inside and had one single path trailing for several miles before disappearing.


Several theories have been made about the incident from aliens, to radioactive energy, to the creation of one of the most famous myths around the world; the Yeti.


2. «ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD»: The S.S Ourang Medan «Ghost» Ship


«All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.»  this message was followed by a morse coded message which was indecipherable and later another message which translated to «i die» when a boarding party went to investigate the S.S Ourang Medan after the eerie distress call they were shocked to find the entire crew dead. All of them had their eyes wide open , all staring up to the sky with terrified expressions, there were no wounds or injuries on the bodies that indicated to anything and before the ship could be towed back to port, a fire broke out, effectively sinking it entirely.

What happened to the crew still remains a mystery to this day. 


3. DON’T FORGET TO LOCK YOUR WINDOW; The Sam Borg Case Of 1960

A classic case of a robbery gone wrong took a completly different turn when the victim’s door has been bolted closed and a gun has been placed under his pillow. Sam Borg was a club owner in his late 60s , when he suddenly went missing, the police went to his place hoping to find him there only to find the door locked, they managed to get in through an open window -the only one not locked in the house- only to find the body of the old man under his bed tied up in sheets. The police interviewed over 40 people to no avail.

Was this a classic tale of a break in? Or was there something deeper, something that Sam Borg knew but hadn’t told anyone?




A series of tragic animal related deaths are all linked to a particular spot in an otherwise beautiful bridge in Scotland, such events have made the locals naming it «The Bridge of Death». The animals  -usually long nosed dog breeds- jump from the exact same spot ,during sunny days which are relatively rare for the western side of Scotland. So far there have been 50 dog related deaths and most people note horrified that surviving animals have tried to jump twise from the same spot. The site now bears a sign that warns approaching visitors to rein in their pets: “Dangerous bridge – Keep your dog on a lead.”

What is your opinion? What might be causing these animals to plunge to their deaths?

Βαλέρια Ονιτσένγκο