By Maya Chronopoulou & Nikoletta Spiliotopoulou 


Did you know that our soul is a miniature of all the systems and organs of our body? Although, this statement seems to exist in the realm of fantasy, the truth is that a whole alternative medical practice has evolved from it : reflexology. The two widely accepted definition of reflexology are : << a gentle manipulation or pressing  on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body>> and << a system applying pressure, usually to the feet, which practitioners believe stimulates energy and releases ‘’blockages’’ that cause pain or illness.

Even though, reflexology started to gain popularity in the late 20 century, practices similar to it date back in Chinese and Egyptian history. Additionally, since 1900s doctors and specialists discovered the anesthetic effect that pressure can cause to numerous arias of the body and that the entire human body was mapped into reflexes on our feet. Based on the previous mentioned, modern practitioners  use a targeted  pressure-point message, in order to provoke a flow of energy and lead to a decongestion of our body. This technique is mostly focused on feet but in some cases it can be performed in hands and ears. Remarkable, is reflexology’s difference from message therapies whose goal is the relaxation of muscles, the elimination of tension.

Reflexology offers numerous benefits and it address to all ages, however, after the age of 75 the results are less effective and settle to a feeling relief. The beneficial results are perceivable through nerve stimulation and improvement in the functioning  of the circulatory  system which result in better health in general. Moreover, reflexology causes the elimination of toxins, the decrease of stress rates and the prevention of migraines ; what is meant by this, is that this practice is a form of relaxation. It fastens recovery  from an injury or a procedure and alleviates pain. Last but not least, reflexologists can help, not only with urinary systems and menstual’s disfuctions, but also with the recovery after giving birth.

After the completion of the therapy ,which consists of several meetings, the individual should feel no pain in the reflex on the foot, but also an improvement  on the system or  organ whose whose function they intended to ameliorate. It should be mentioned that reflexology is more of a supplementary form of practice but it is undouptable that it entails to numerous advantageous outcomes.