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Living in a small town can have plenty advantages. Although not much people believe that big cities, where life is in the fast lanes, have a lot of disadvantages. In my opinion living in a rural area or even a small town can have a positive impact in our mental and physical health. But why do I consider this fact to be true?

To start with, small towns are environmentally healthier in contrast with enormous cities. People living in a shrunken city can clearly claim the purity of the air that they breathe. Use of cars, motorcycles or busses is definitely lower. Therefore, the air is nut packed with exhaust gas that pollutes the environment and makes the whole atmosphere unhealthy. Recent researches have also found that people who live in small cities which are not cultural centers have a life expectancy of 83 years. Instead, people living in big cities are expected to live fewer (73 years).

Furthermore, life in small cities is composed by peace and quiet. However, many people prefer living in urban areas where gated communities and urbanization are all over the place. Whereas the news for those people is not good. Psychologists confirm that life in the fast lanes can be really harmful for those city’s dwellers. It is well known that rural life is the suggested way of living due to it positive affects in our brain and as a result in our psychology. At the end of the day everyone wants a calm, relaxing and peaceful life.

Last but not least, is the abilities in a small city. The abilities are indeed limited. There are not many shopping centers or night life centers while availability of products and medicines can be in fact reduced. However, some small cities have focused on trying to get modernized. Suddenly, this event has lead the way for some cities to abort their rural characteristics and become urban. When talking about accessibility larger cities can prevail.

To sum up, life in small cities can be advantaging but also limited. When talking about environmental health small cities are better without fail while life in them can have enormous positive affects in our mental health. Although availability of particular items or shops is limited in small town. Nevertheless, I continue to believe that life in small towns is less ill than life in big cities.

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