Why TikTok is burning you out and the consequences.


Nowadays, TikTok has gone to town. Most of the teenagers use it on a daily base and are literally obsessed with it. To my mind, TikTok has no use. By using it the only thing somebody can achieve is to lose your time and not have a productive life.

Firstly, TikTok reduces the time that could be spent outdoors. As humans, the touch with nature is vital and not getting enough sunlight can result in plenty of health issues. Studies have also shown that TikTok and generally social media, reduce time that could be spent on activities outside the house.

Furthermore, productivity is also being vandalized by the use of TikTok. Instead of just sitting and watching short videos with no meaning, doing more productive things, such like studying or organizing and cleaning our room, can consist of a massive scale of benefits. Being productive is really important, especially for teenagers and should not be replaced by other activities.

Last but not least, TikTok make us more depressed. Recent researches have shown that teenagers that didn’t use it were happier that the ones that use it. Maybe its depressing songs and dreadful messages effect negatively the immature psychology of teenagers. From my experience, one week without TikTok can change everybody’s life with no doubt.

In a nutshell, TikTok should not be used from teenagers. It can reduce their touch with nature, which is considered vital while it can also vandalize their productivity levels. It can also make them be sadder or show signs of depression. As far as I am concerned, TikTok is a no for teenagers.


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