You will never believe what happened to me yesterday

You will never believe what happened to me yesterday

Ανάμεσα στους μαθητές της Α” τάξης του Πειραματικού Γυμνασίου Ηρακλείου στο μάθημα των Αγγλικών με υπεύθυνη την καθηγήτρια Χαρά Μαρκάκη, έγινε ένας εσωτερικός διαγωνισμός μικρής ιστορίας (short story competition) με θέμα:

You will never believe what happened to me yesterday.

Αρκετά πρωτότυπη ήταν η ιστορία της μαθήτριας Αικατερίνης Δασκαλάκη (Α1)

You will never believe what happened to me yesterday. I still can’t get over it myself. I went to a supermarket to buy something to eat and as I was walking down the aisle, I noticed that a man was staring at me. I looked at him but kept moving to the cashier to get a bottle of water and a chocolate bar.

As I got them and turned around, I found the same man standing right in front of me! I tried to be polite, so I smiled and said «Hi» then I went on to get a can of coke. Can you believe the same man followed me? I was getting a little nervous and mad because he was following me without saying anything. But I tried to stay «friendly» and said «Hi» again. He responded and said, «I am sorry for staring but you look just like my youngest…we just buried her two weeks ago».

I felt stupid for getting mad and I expressed my sympathy to him. He said he was fine, as he knew that his girl was with the Lord. Then he asked me to do him a favour. I said, «If I can». He said he was a bit sad that his child had never had the chance to say goodbye to him before passing away. He asked me to get in line behind him and as he was about to leave the store, I should have said «Goodbye, dad». So he could have some sense of closure.

I thought his request was weird, I however agreed to do it. So as he collected his bags from the cashier lady and walked away, I said «Bye dad». He turned and said “Thanks, bye». When the cashier calculated my shopping, she said the total was £300!!! I said «what!!… How can a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and a can of coke cost £300?»

She said «Your dad said you are paying for his shopping too.» «My dad?» I shouted, «That man is not my father!!! This is a mistake». So I quickly rushed out just in time to see the man approaching the parking lot. I ran after him and was screaming out loud…»Excuse me, excuse me!!!” Αs he saw me coming, he started running to his car. Unfortunately he was moving very fast and I was not able to catch him…