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Doping in Ancient Times and Modern Times

By Nick Brakatselos (A Class)

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We can observe through centuries that people, especially athletes, have used illegal substances in order to improve their skills, despite the restrictions imposed by the various athletic organizations. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the use and perception of these illegal techniques through the ages.

In competitive sports, doping is the use of banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs by athletic competitors. The term doping is widely used by organizations that regulate sporting competitions. The use of drugs to enhance performance is considered unethical, and therefore prohibited, by most international sports organizations. Furthermore, athletes taking explicit measures to evade detection, exacerbate the ethical violation with overt deception and cheating.
Historically speaking, the origins of doping in sports go back to the very creation of sport itself.  The general trend among authorities and sporting organizations over the past several decades has been to strictly regulate the use of drugs in sport. The reasons for the ban are mainly the health risks of performance-enhancing drugs, the equality of opportunity for athletes, and the exemplary effect of drug-free sport for the public. Anti-doping authorities state that using performance-enhancing drugs goes against the «spirit of sportsmanship».

Since the time of Ancient Olympia, where the only tangible prize was an olive branch, the glory of the winner was remarkable. Every city-state honored the winner like a hero or god.  This fact forced athletes to resort to irregular techniques to improve their athletic skills.

A mixture of wine and Strychnine, a poison that acts as a stimulant in small doses, and the cock that survived cow-fighting, was considered the ideal food for an athlete before the race. Mushroom varieties and dry figs for sugar content were key nutrients. The wrestlers fed with a mixture of bull and pig meat to get protein. The ancient Egyptians used substances from the backs of the donkeys, while the Roman gladiators drank stimulating substances before entering the arena. Years have passed, but the great desire of many athletes to win at any price has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Nowadays, athletes can do everything in order to win the games. They consume substances as Steroids, Strychnine, Stimulants and Anabolic steroids. Furthermore, in corresponding interviews they answer that they could even die for the victory. However, many sports organizations have banned the use of performance-enhancing drugs and have very strict rules and penalties for people who are caught using them.


By Anastasis Panagopoulos, Hara Tsilimigra & Myriam Shoumaf


In today’s world, there is an increasingly large number of people who suffer from cancer. This disease, being one of the deadliest occurring in the human population, leads to about 8.8 million deaths a year (15.7% of the total number of deaths). Having cancer can heavily influence one’s life negatively and that’s why a lot of initiatives are being taken to eliminate that illness.


There are numerous causes of cancer. Tobacco smoking is a leading cause, accounting for about 22% of cancer deaths. Another 10% of deaths are due to obesity, poor diet, lack of physical activity, as well as excessive drinking and alcohol. The place of residence of one person and its hygiene conditions largely matter, as 20% of the cancers in the developing world are because of infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human papillomavirus infection. Additionally, bad air quality in one’s place of residence or occupation as well as DNA mutations can largely increase the chances of someone getting the disease. Although all those risk factors should be taken into account, scientists have yet to completely understand the causes of cancer, mainly due to the fact that cancer can be observed in numerous form and parts of the human body.


The most common type of cancer is Non-melanoma skin cancer, which mostly occurs in skin parts that are exposed to the sun, affecting more than 1 million people every year. It is followed by lung cancer, which causes 160,000 deaths annually and is the deadliest type of the disease. The chances of getting cancer heavily depend on one’s sex. By far the most common cancer in women is breast cancer, which affects about 195,000 women each year. The male “equivalent”, prostate cancer, affects about 192,000 men every year and mainly occurs in men over 50 years old. Next, colorectal and bladder cancer, the cancers of the colon and the bladder, respectively cost thousands of lives and occur in people of all genders and ages. Other common forms of this deadly disease are melanoma, a type of skin cancer, as well as kidney cancer. Moreover, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, together with leukemia are blood cancers that are commonly found.


 Treating cancer can be very difficult. One of the most common methods is Chemotherapy, which uses drugs to kill cancer cells, in order to cure or stop the growth of cancer, as well as to ease the symptoms of cancer. Chemotherapy can have side effects, such as fatigue or hair loss. Another common method is radiation therapy which uses x-rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Radiation therapy may also cause fatigue after a treatment session. Hormone therapy and Immunotherapy use hormones and one’s immune system to fight the disease. Some of the most serious types of cancer are treated with surgery, in which the surgeon removes the cancer from one’s body. However, even though there exist so many methods to combat cancer, some types are incurable, while the procedures above do not always succeed.


Cancer can cause physical and mental strain to its victims. That is why we all need to actively support the efforts of cancer patients to recover from their disease by donating to organizations that help such people, as well as contribute in raising public awareness over the topic. A healthy lifestyle, combined with regular tests can critically lower the possibilities of getting the disease. We all have to understand that cancer might occur in each of us and our beloved ones and that taking action isn’t something unimportant or unnecessary. Also, donating to scientific research can effectively change the numbers of cancer survivors and provide for a long-lasting and healthier life of such people.


To sum up, cancer is a deadly disease that can largely vary in type and treatment required, which affects the lives of millions of people each year and deteriorates the lives of many more. To fight against it, an active community of engaging citizens is the only way to effectively eliminate it.










By Nicolia Papageorgopoulou & Rania Paraskevopoulou


In today’s world, more and more people are overweight and statistics indicate that this problem is on the increase.  It is obvious that modern lifestyle has greatly contributed to our declining health and fitness.

Modern technology seems to be one of the most major factors that have affected this phenomenon. We now live in a world where machines are capable of doing most manual tasks.  As a result, there is plenty of spare time which, unfortunately, most people spend in front of a screen, sitting on a chair, or staying still. Consequently, people have become lazy and do not bother exercising as it seems too much of hard work.

Technology has also provided people with fast and easily-made food which people find in supermarkets or in fast-food restaurants.  The problem is that this food is full of fat and it is very poor in nutrients.  This fact results in obesity and especially young people tend to become more and more addicted to this kind of food. Homemade food has been replaced to a great degree by fast food because the last one is easier to prepare, faster and tastier.

Considering all this, everyone can realize that technology has led people to less energetic activities and to obesity. No one can deny that sitting and surfing the Net or playing games and at the same time eating a huge hamburger is delightful, but its long-term effects are the most harmful.   It is up to us to stand  up  against  this situation and try for our own good by exercising and eating healthily. 



The bicycle in our lives

By Dionysis Drakoulelis (A class)


Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise

My opinion is that the bicycle is the best way to exercise and having fun at the same time. Also exercising with a bike you can travel and make trips to breathtaking places – such as forests or beaches. As a result bicycle is a very good «tool» to make your exercise, only if you are exercising every day.


Bike as a means of transport

Moreover, a bike can be useful as a means of transport. For example, you can use your bicycle to go to your job than going with your car or your motorbike. This will help the environment and will exercise you. Thereforth you will save a couple of mind that you can use for your escape.


Cycling makes you thiner

It is true that cycling can make you thiner! I believe that the daily exercise will make you be fit and raise the normal weight that you must have. Filally, I think that if you get used to it (cycling every day), you will make it a hobby.



To sum up, I think that the bicycle has more positive things than negative and the most important of all is that you will be healthier and healthier day per day.

New Year’s Resolutions

          By Ioanna Koutra (A class)

             2016 is here and the most common thing that we do at the start of each year is setting goals. We get excited, we imagine what we would love to do this year and we write down every single thing that goes down to our head, but……..sometimes it’s not as easy to achieve them. This is the reason I am writing today, to give you some tips in how to achieve your goals and also some ideas-goals for this year.

First things first. When we set our goals we need to have a clear mind and not be tired. So let’s get started.


  1. First of all your goals need to be attainable and realistic. That means that they can be achieved and they are not just big dreams. You have to make changes considering what you can actually do and of course what you are willing to do.
  2. Continuing you must to be sure that your goals are measurable. You must determine your objectives regarding the timeframe you set as well as quantity.
  3. Lastly your goals have to be specific. It is really important your objectives to be accurate, leaving aside abstract thinking.

Now that we have the necessary skills to set goals I believe it’s time to give you some ideas/goals for this year.

  1.  Start a new hobby. A hobby can add diversity, excitement, happiness and joy to our lives. We also meet new people, we develop new skills and we discover different aspects of our personality.

o-WOMEN-YOGA-CLASS-facebookimages2.  Quit a bad habit. Quitting a bad habit has lots of benefits and they vary depending on the habit. For example, did you know that ditching junk food will make you happier? A recent research revealed that people who eat often junk food are more likely to develop depression.

         Quit-Smokingno_FAST_FOOD_2503. Try to eat healthy. Eating healthier will make you more productive and happier. Did you know that certain foods have the ability to moderate cortisol, the stress hormone?

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4. Exercise. Exercise reduces stress, alleviates anxiety and boosts “happy” hormones (endorphins).


5. Get rid of  “toxic” people. Don’t allow others to make you feeling sad, uncomfortable and strealing your sense of self.


          To conclude, this is all I had to tell you and I hope I’ve helped you. I hope this year you will achieve all your goals and your dreams will come true. Thanks for reading!















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Ways to lose weight

By Maria Stathopoulou (B class)

Most people have as a goal for 2016 to lose weight. If you are interested too, there are some tips below.


If you consume more than 3lt water in a day, there will be not a lot of room left for junk food.

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  • Use a smaller plate.

It tricks your mind think there is more food on the plate.

 platesize (1)

  • Walk a bit further.


  Take the stairs vs elevator.

  •  MOVE

αρχείο λήψης

Get up and move with your friends or kids.

  •   Stop drinking coca cola and junk  


  Go for water.  Flavor it with fruit if you need to.

  • Eat 1-2 cups of veggies before lunch and dinner images (6)

  You’ll be too full to finish your dinner.  And that’s a good thing!

  •  Break up with your diet
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Make it a life style not a period of time.

  • Prepare

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Take food with you.  NEVER be hungry.  When you are hungry you’ll splurge and make bad food choices.

  • SLEEP need_sleep

You should sleep at least  7-8 hours a night


    Don’t forget that you can do it! You are strong enough to make it through. I believe in you. You are the only one who can do this. Be that change.







By Eleni Malliari (B Class)


No one can deny the fact that smoking is a major problem in our society. Day by day all the more people and especially teenagers are getting addicted to smoke without knowing which the real consequences are.

To start with, smoking came from the locals of the American continent. It is a mixture of three thousands substances from which most of them cause cancer and more than forty of them can change even DNA. The basic substance of tobacco is nicotine which causes addiction and affects the Sympathetic nervous system of smokers.

Statistically speaking, at least three hundred fifty thousand people die each year in USA from diseases that are related to smoke from which one hundred thirty five thousands die from cancer.

Smoke cause diseases such as coronary disease, cerebral episodes, cerebral bleedings, thrombosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer. Cancers that are related to smoke are cancer of the mouth, which includes lips gums and tongue, the larynx and the esophagus. What is more, there is also a risk to those who breathe smoke without smoking such as passive smokers or the embryos of pregnant women who smoke. Those babies might die in the first two or three months of pregnancy or be born with less weight than usual and physical or mentally problems which will follow them in the rest of their life.


Taking everything into account I am inclined to believe that no one should start smoking, but for those who have already started should know that never is too late to stop a bad habit.


By Giota Papapavlou (A Class)


Aristotle described laughter as “a bodily exercise precious to health, ” an assessment that science is now proving correct.


Today, some doctors are prescribing comedy to help cure ailments, in light of a recent study suggesting that laughter improves blood vessel function. Researchers at the University use movies to gauge the effect of emotions on the cardiovascular system – to dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. In contrast, scenes inducing mental stress  led to reduced blood flow. The endothelium  plays a cardinal role in the body, not only regulating blood flow but also secreting chemicals in regulating blood  flow but also secreting chemicals in response to wounds or infections.


“It’s ok to be chubby…”

By Giannakopoulou Ioanna an Denazi Irene


    Every day in the media, girls of all ages are bombarded with countless advertisements telling them everything from how to dress, what to eat, and even what size they should be in order to be considered ‘normal.’ Well, we are here to tell you that the media is wrong.

Thin is not always in, and it certainly isn’t fair to force young girls to try changing themselves to fit a one-size mold, because we don’t live in a one-size world. We’re constantly faced with seemingly perfect faces and bodies on the covers of magazines, but what we’re really looking at is just a sophisticated Photoshop job. The models on high fashion runways are not as beautiful as we’re led to believe either. On the inside of their super thin bodies, there is often malnutrition, which leads to hair loss, tooth decay, and poor skin. Of course, the media would never show us this part of ‘beauty.


    It’s time that we take a stand against these absurd standards. In the end, it’s all up to you. You, the person who looks in the mirror and needs to see that true beauty, cannot be defined through the glossy pages of a magazine, or found under piles of fabric or layers of make-up. So, what we believe needs to be done, is that from now on we all need to turn away from the unrealistic expectations of the media, and look to our own happiness.

  If you are happy with who you are, that is the real self-confidence and the real beauty.


“Are you anorexic..?”

  • Do you feel fat even though people tell you you’re not?
  •  Are you terrified of gaining weight?
  •  Do you lie about how much you eat or hide your eating habits from others?
  •  Are your friends or family concerned about your weight loss, eating habits, or appearance?
  • Do you base your self-worth on your weight or body size?


Anorexia is not about weight or food

Believe it or not, anorexia isn’t really about food and weight—at least not at its core. Eating disorders are much more complicated than that. The food and weight-related issues are symptoms of something deeper: things like depression, loneliness, insecurity, pressure to be perfect, or feeling out of control. Things   that no amount of dieting or weight loss can cure.

It’s important to understand that anorexia meets a need in your life. For example, you may feel powerless in many parts of your life, but you can control what you eat. Saying “no” to food, getting the best of hunger, and controlling the number on the scale may make you feel strong and successful—at least for a short while. You may even come to enjoy your hunger pangs as reminders of a “special talent” that most people can’t achieve.

Anorexia may also be a way of distracting yourself from difficult emotions. When you spend most of your time thinking about food, dieting, and weight loss, you don’t have to face other problems in your life or deal with complicated emotions.


Unfortunately, any boost you get from starving yourself or shedding pounds is extremely short-lived. Dieting and weight loss can’t repair the negative self-image at the heart of anorexia. The only way to do that is to identify the emotional need that self-starvation fulfills and find other ways to meet it.

The       difference      between

dieting    and   anorexia

                 Healthy dieting                         Anorexia

Healthy dieting is an attempt to control weight.

Anorexia is an attempt to control your life and emotions.Your self-esteem is based on more than just weight and body image.Your self-esteem is based entirely on how much you weigh and how thin you are.You view weight loss as a way to improve your health and appearance.You view weight loss as a way to achieve happiness.

Your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way

Becoming thin is all that matters; health is not a concern.




untitledsdBy Aggeliki Tzola (A class)


The danger presented by baby walkers has been extensively documented and yet parents still insist on plonking their babies into these contraptions day after day in the hope that it will facilitate that all-important first step. There is a lingering belief held by parents that having their baby cruise around in a walker for hours on end will hasten their development and get on walking sooner. However, current research is about to debunk this fallacy.


Based on a series of animal experiments researchers have discovered that visual feedback is essential to developing and refining motor skills. Now, experts in child development are finding similar evidence that babies need to be able to see how their body is positioned and how their limbs are moving in order to reach their motor milestones. This means that the part of the brain that coordinates muscle movements for activities such as walking and crawling will only mature if it receives the necessary visual feedback. Knowing this, researches have recently published a study that hypothesized that infant walkers, by their inherent design, prevent a baby from seeing its legs thus impeding motor skills development.