The art of debating


Once more we had the chance of participating in the 16th Arc Mun. Actually, this year our school’s students showed more interest in this particular simulation than ever before. So, after many preparation meetings with our beloved teacher Mrs. Aspa Karasouli, our eleven-member delegate team was finally ready. Consisting of one New Zealand, one Estonia ambassador and nine more delegations of the above-mentioned countries, we both took the classes of Aristotle college by storm and we proved, with our active participation, our great diplomatic skills.

IMG_20180302_090538 Moreover, what truly left us speechless was the dedication and the ability that all the delegates showed, which proved that this generation holds the keys to a more accepting and peaceful society. It was extremely interesting to analyze crucial topics such as:

Promotion of balanced and non-stereotypical female figures in modern societies.

Safeguarding endangered languages and dialects.

Protecting and Promoting Human Rights in Post-Conflict Societies.

Τhe issue of child refugees in conflict zones.


Tackling organ trafficking and illegal transplantations

The innovation was the introduction of the Historical Committee dealing with the

Topic: The Peace Treaty of Versailles: Addressing the foundation of the League of Nationsreceived_942229745943904

What we would describe as inspiring, however, is the excellent performance that all students had despite the difficulty of having to express themselves in English.


 After these three days full of fruitful debates and new friendships had passed, we returned to our homes having gained, useful knowledge and having created unforgettable memories. Concluding, it was truly a life-changing


experience and we definitely suggest that all students take part. After all, the art of debating is a form of expression and everybody who is able to express themselves properly can undoubtedly contribute to the creation of a society which is inclusive of all perspectives and opinions.

 Iliadis Petros, Fingou Evangelia