My story…


Here how it all started…

My name is Ramizan. I’m 18 years old and I have four siblings. I’m from Damaskus and I have been here in Greece for 9 months now. I left Syria 11 months ago because of the war when the situation became very bad and I lost my house which is now destroyed . At first we travelled from Syria to Lybanon by car and we paid a man a lot of money in order to take us to Turkey. We travelled from Lybanon to Turkey by plane. After we had arrived in Instabul, I worked for one month but  life in Turkey was very hard. I had to work all day from morning to night and they paid me little money. Then living there became worse and after I had moved to another city called Smirni and I took the boat to Lesvos. I experienced a nightmare when on the half way, we run out of petrol and all the children were crying and everyone was scared. Then we called the sea police who came to rescue and took us back to Lesbos .I continued travelling by ship from Lesvos to Kavala and after a lot of hard moments, we arrived in Idomeni where unfortunately the borders were closed, so we could not go on to Europe. We have been in Greece for 9 months now. I have been applied for a relocation program to move to Europe but I am still writing for 5 months now. When we left from Syria I couldn’t take anything with me because it was very dangerous. I had to stop school but I still want to become a doctor. The school in Syria is the same with the school that I am now in Greece but I don’t know what language to learn, Greek or German, because from day to day we may leave the country. My brother Siri wants to become an eye doctor. I feel sad about my friend that died in Syria because of the bombs and the shootings while we were running to go to school. Now we are living in a camp in Thessaloniki and we are volunteers in the American medical organization, helping other refugees that live there. The school here is very nice, the teachers are trying to help us and the students are very friendly. My life in the camp is good but sometimes I get bored. I wish I can leave soon and continue my studies. I wish there is peace for the whole world one day.

Το κείμενο προέκυψε απο την συνέντευξη που παραχώρησε τον Δεκεμβρη του 2016 ένας πρόσφυγας- μαθητής του σχολείου μας στους μαθητές της Γ Λυκείου: Γκανίδου Χρύσα, Δεδίνης Δημήτρης, Ντρέτσα Αλεξανδρα, Βαμβακίδου Μυρσίνη.